Yes, folks, this is our brand new, never before viewed web-site to build from the ashes of the Forest. Instead of spreading our wings quite so wide, we've decided to simply invite you into our home. Feel free to sit down and read awhile. You'll find old friends and new fandoms (at least that's what I've been told). Have a seat while we brew up the tea.

You'll see a few changes in the coming months. Updated format and updated stories. If you want to stay informed, definitely join the mailing list. Messages only go out once a month.

This is your first warning, mes amis, many of the stories in the following pages are going to include rough language, painful storylines, and sexual activities. If you think you might be offended, please mind the ratings and stick to the gen pages. We have gen and slash on here. *Looks around* Mostly slash, truth be told. We always put warnings on adult sections, so if you hit a warning page you might want to turn back.

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Our finished stories can also be found on Archive of Our Own: eoen Kethry

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