A Leverage Primer

Stand Alone

NEW WIP 10-31-09 The Hippie Job - eoen - The team takes a job to save a commune from a real estate developer and learn a little more about Eliot than they expected.

NEW WIP 10-31-09 The Gypsy Job - When a fortune-telling scam artist goes to far, the team takes him down

Coming Soon: The Old Growth Job

Coming Soon: The Big Top Job



The Assassination Job: Leverage/Mike&Joe - by eoen - FRT (Warnings: Language. Gen-Slash) The Leverage team needs a little specialized help, assassins to be exact. (Mike&Joe are eoen's OMC's that have their own books in the works.)

The Immortal Job: Leverage/Highlander - by Kethry - FRT (Warnings: Language) How will the Leverage Team react when they find out two of their company are Immortal?

Coming Soon: The NCIS Job: Leverage/NCIS