Dinner for Two

Gibbs came home to find Tony sprawled on the couch with a forensics journal and a Coke. "One of Abby's papers?" he asked as he hung up his coat. Tony was still armed, the holster outlining his shoulders.

"Nope. One of McGee's. Subs are in the fridge. So, what was it like?"

"I owe the captain a bottle of Stoli. But not too bad. Kate's working out well."

Gibbs wandered in the kitchen to gather dinner. He noted that one had a "G" on it. They'd definitely been ordering from the same place too long. This was a routine for them. Post-case they'd eat, review the case, and if Tony stayed late enough, enjoy the comfort of sharing the same bed for the night. "I'm leaving you the house when I die," Gibbs said absently as he handed Tony his sub.

"That better not be any time soon."

"Could have died out there along with everyone else."

"But you didn't and I don't want to think about that right now."

"So, you're checking up on McGee?"

"I've got a background check sitting on your desk. He's smart. He comes up with good questions. And I think Abby will like him."

"You like him?"

"Sort of. He's fun to tease."

"I noticed."

"He's totally unorganized when he's working though. He'll have to be broken of that habit."

"You're a mess at home."

"But never on the job, boss."

"Make a point of using him for whatever you can."

"So I can keep him?"

"Prove he's got the backbone for it. I don't need another jumpy agent."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Okay, okay. I over-reacted with Burley. I admit it."

"Good. Now, show me he's useful and we'll keep him."

"He's a computer geek. Those are always useful. And he's got potential."

"I'll admit that. I tend to take on stronger personalities though. Like you and Kate. The shy ones just want to curl up and die when I finish yelling. It's inconvenient."

Tony smirked. "Never wanted to curl up. Go down, yeah, curl up? No."

Gibbs paused. "You get turned on when I yell?"

"What can I say? You're cute when you're being bitchy."

The older man chuckled, the tension draining away. They ate in relative quiet, Tony still reading. When he'd crumpled up his foil and dropped it onto the coffee-table, the young man settled against Gibbs' side. He nuzzled gently at Gibbs' shoulder, eyes half-closed. Gibbs continued to eat, comfortable with the attention. Tony oriented himself with scents and Gibbs knew it.

"I missed you."

"Missed you too," Gibbs replied. He licked his fingers and crumpled up the wrapper. "So, you liked working with McGee?"

Tony sighed. "I'll be honest, he's too smart."

"Abby smart or Tony smart?"

"Abby smart."

Gibbs smiled. "You do like them smart, don't you?"

"I don't know. I fell for you, didn't I?" Gibbs tapped him sharply on the top of his head with a knuckle.

"Brat." He softened the word with a kiss to his hair. "You staying tonight?"

"I was planning on it. Brought my kit even." Gibbs shook his head. Tony hadn't forgotten his kit in months.

"That's my Tony," he murmured. "So, you want McGee. Did you meet anyone else you want?"

"Nope. Think I should get some ink?"


The young man laughed. "I'm kidding. I basically told McGee if he didn't have ink, Abby wouldn't date him. She's trying to tell me she's not a snob though. I don't buy it."

"Well, sometimes if they're smart enough she'll overlook it."

Tony pouted. "Damn. I don't stand a chance."

Gibbs grabbed him in a mock choke hold. "Better not be looking for it. You're mine, remember? I don't share."

"You sure?"


"Good." They shared a quick kiss, sealing the deal. "Must be love, I don't even mind the onions."

Gibbs laughed at that. "Go on upstairs. I'll close up down here."

"Don't get distracted by that boat. She'll never be as good to you as I am."

"No one has in a long time," Gibbs murmured when Tony was out of earshot. He locked the doors and windows. He wouldn't mind killing a burglar, but he hated being disturbed when he was with his lover. He found Tony in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. He wore nothing to bed and that's what he wore while brushing his teeth as well. Gibbs dropped a kiss to the back of his neck. They went through their usual evening routines, interspersing light caresses and kisses and they maneuvered in the small bathroom. "You want me to shave?" Gibbs asked, feeling rough stubble on his cheeks.

"Only if you want to. I don't mind beard-burn." Tony smirked at him. "Do you?"

"Nope." Gibbs returned the smirk with one of his own. He caught Tony in a deep kiss, fingers stroking the rough-soft skin that edged the younger man's cheeks. "Bed, babe."

"My favorite words. You coming?"

"Not yet."

Tony chuckled. The warm sound rasped over Gibbs' eardrums. "I wish I could've gone with you."

"Maybe next time."

"You always say that." Tony's pout had to be a put-on because it was far too over the top for the down-to-earth detective.

"And yet, I never follow through. You're claustrophobic Tony. Do you really think I'm going to take you on a submarine?"

"I'm not that bad. Your little desensitization routine with the elevators has seen to that." Tony sprawled across the bed. "Come here. I missed you."

"Bossy brat."

"Learned from the best."

Gibbs straddled his hips and looked down at him, hands settling to either side of the younger man's face. "I'm here. What are you planning to do about it?"

"Well, I was thinking something complex involving feathers and leather, but seeing you this close makes me think that just a good hard fuck is the way to go. Maybe a blow-job. I really don't know."

Gibbs smirked down at him. "A nice, slow fuck." He leaned down to nip at the ear Abby had convinced the younger man to pierce several years before. He didn't wear an earring on duty, but he tried to keep the hole open.


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