To a Circus

Tony's cell-phone rang, interrupting The Howling. Terri looked at him, popcorn half-way to her mouth. She raised her be-ringed brows as he scrambled for the phone. He blinked. "What's up, Abs?" he answered. Terri Conners was not a jealous woman, but she really wished that she had someone who'd always answer her calls.

She chomped down on the popcorn, eavesdropping shamelessly. "Hush, I'm coming, sweetheart." Tony pulled on his shoes, cradling the phone between his shoulder and ear. "It'll be okay, honey. You'll stay here tonight."

Terri blinked. Well damn. She sighed. She found the remote and shut off the movie, wiping her hand on her jeans first. Tony's brow furrowed as he noticed her moving. Terri laced up her combat boots.

"I'll be there soon, Abs. Promise." He hung up. "Leaving? I won't be long."

"Three's company."

He blinked. "She's my adopted sister, Ter. I'll tuck her in and we can finish up."

Terri laughed. "I was sort of planning on tucking you in."

He looked so torn, that she felt her annoyance melting.

"I'll come with you."

"Really?" He grinned. It lit up his face. "You'll like her." He grabbed his keys and slipped on his holster.

Terri licked her lips. He looked hot with nothing but jeans, a tee-shirt and his shoulder holster. He unlocked his gun box. He checked his gun before putting it into his holster. His hands were sure and quick. She refused to admit that she was turned on by the gun. It was just his confidence and competence. That was her story and she was sticking to it. He slipped on a black leather jacket. Terri took her own black leather from his fingers. She just came up to Tony's shoulder, even with three inch platforms on her boots. He escorted her out the door with a gentle hand in the small of her back.

He settled her in the passenger seat of his Mustang. They were off a minute later. Terri laughed. "You are insane!" she informed him as he cut between two Washington Flyer taxis. Her brows rose toward her flame red hair as they pulled up in front of the Dark Circus. "I don't think you should go in there. They aren't cop friendly."

Tony shook his head. "I'm going to kill her. You want a drink?"

"You want me to go find her?"

"No. She should be just inside." He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Don't let anyone steal the car." He talked briefly with the bouncer, then ducked his head into the club. A figure came flying at him and tackled him in a full-bodied hug. He stood there, rocking slightly under the force of it. He herded the figure to the car. Terri climbed out of the car and folded the front seat down.

Abby was a young woman with dyed black, shoulder-length hair, black lipstick, tear-streaked eyeliner and the best cobweb tattoo she'd ever seen. She clung to Tony like he was her teddy bear. Abby clamored into the backseat, heedless of her mini-skirt. Her white shirt rode up, showing a hint of more tattoos. "Abby, this is Terri. Terr, this is Abby."

"Hi." The young woman managed a watery smile. "Sorry about your date. Tony can take me to Gibbs'."

"Abs," Tony's voice was firm, "if we show up at Gibbs' neither of us will be getting out of there sooner than Sunday."

The Goth laughed at that. She wrapped her arms around herself. "Still, I owe you."

"No, you don't. You're my sister." Tony tweaked her nose. He set the seat back into place. He offered Terri his arm. She laughed and used it to sit down. He shut the door and circled the car.

"So, you're the girlfriend who likes horror movies right?" Abby sniffed into a black lace handkerchief.

"Right. And you're the sister that he's willing to ditch a date for. Good to meet you. So, do you mind if I kick you out of the bedroom at some point?"

Abby snickered. "Oh, sweetheart, I'll just find a nice little corner to watch if you don't mind terribly."

Terri laughed. Tony closed the door. "I don't know if this is going to be good or bad. Do I want to know what you've just decided?"


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