Cookie Crumb Afternoon

The apartment smelled of vanilla, chocolate, and brown sugar. Tony breathed deeply, in spite of the ache in his ribs. A smile fought its way onto his face. It pulled at the cut on his cheek and he could taste a hint of copper in the corner of his mouth. "Well, I guess since you made cookies, I won't have to shoot you," he called out to his intruder.

Abby popped her head out of the bedroom. She bounced over to him. She opened her arms for a hug and cocked her head to the side. Tony embraced her gingerly. She barely squeezed him, which meant Ducky had ratted him out completely. "Hey, sweetie. I made cookies."

"So I smell. Are they ready?" He opened the eye that wasn't swollen shut.

"They're still warm and there's ice cream in the freezer. Then, you take your pain pills and zone out. And if you're good, I'll be nice when I wake you up for concussion checks."

He groaned into her shoulder. "No fair asking me questions I can't answer this time."


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