Going Down?

“Boss, I’m gonna head out to get some lunch, you want anything?” Tony DiNozzo asked as he stood up behind his desk.

Jethro Gibbs looked up from the paperwork in front of him. “Where are you going?”

“I was thinking that little Greek place.” Tony grabbed his gun and gear. He never knew when he was going to get a call so he kept his gear with him when ever he left the office.

“I’ll come with you. I could use a break from these damn files.” The new Director had decided that a few of their case files were incomplete so she’d ordered Gibbs and Tony in over the weekend to fill in some of the blanks. McGee and Ziva weren’t involved because all of the files were from before Kate joining the team, much less the other two.

The entered the elevator and Gibbs pressed the button for the ground floor. The doors closed and Tony looked over at Gibbs. “So why do you think she really called us in this weekend? There’s nothing missing from those files, that’s in any of the others.”

Gibbs stared at Tony before answering. “I think she thinks we aren’t properly respectful so she’s showing her power.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “She gets on a power trip and decides to ruin our weekend. Figures. And I had such plans.” Tony looked at Gibbs out of the corner of his eye and grinned. He reached out and hit the stop button.

Gibbs looked at him questioningly. Tony let his bag slide down his arm and land on the floor with a thud. He moved so that he was in front of the older man. He placed his hand in the middle of Gibbs’ chest and pushed softly. Gibbs stepped backwards until he was against the back wall of the elevator.

Tony pressed his body against Gibbs’ before tilting his head and brushing his lips over Gibbs’. He used the light teasing pressure until Gibbs growled and grabbed Tony’s head. He pulled Tony to him and crashed their lips together. Tony moaned and let Gibbs take control for a few minutes before pulling back.

Gibbs tried to pull Tony to him, but Tony stopped him with a shake of his head. “Let me, Boss.”

Gibbs hesitated for a moment before lowering his hands and placing them on the metal bar behind him. Tony gave Gibbs a blinding smile before falling to his knees. Gibbs inhaled sharply at the sight before him.

Tony reached up and ran his hand over the front of Gibbs’ pants. He could feel Gibbs hardening as his hand brushed over his erection. He unbuttoned the slacks and slowly drew down the zipper.

He reached inside the opening and drew out Gibbs’ erection. He wrapped his fingers around the hard flesh and pumped it a few times before leaning forward to lick the tip.

Gibbs groaned and his hands buried into Tony’s hair, trying to pull him forward. Tony resisted and leaned back. He looked up at Gibbs and Gibbs sighed and returned his hands to the bar.

Tony smiled and leaned forward again. This time taking the tip into his mouth and lightly sucking. Gibbs’ head fell backwards and his fingers tightened on the metal. Tony took pity on him and took a few inches into his mouth. He sucked hard a few times on the flesh in his mouth before withdrawing.

Gibbs made a sound of disapproval before Tony ducked his head and took one of Gibbs’ testicles into his mouth. He rolled the swollen ball with his tongue before letting it go and doing the same to its mate.

Tony moved upwards and started licking the length of Gibbs’ erection. It wasn’t long before the entire length was glistening with Tony’s saliva. Tony reached up and grasped Gibbs’ hips before leaning forward and swallowing Gibbs’ cock down to the root.

Gibbs shouted in surprised pleasure and he tried to thrust forward, but Tony’s grip prevented him. His hands flew to Tony’s head and he tried to hold him there but Tony pulled away and shook his head free from Gibbs’ grasp. Gibbs returned his hands to their previous position and looked down at Tony with a desperate glaze in his eyes.

Tony stared up at Gibbs for a moment before swallowing Gibbs whole once more. Tony kept his gaze on Gibbs and Gibbs had to close his eyes to block out the view. Otherwise this was going to be over far too quickly.

Tony retreated until just the tip of Gibbs’ cock remained in his mouth. He flicked his tongue against the slit where precome was starting to leak. He bobbed his head a few times, never taking more than a few inches into his mouth.

“Please. Tony, please,” Gibbs moaned.

Tony knew that if they didn’t finish soon and get the elevator moving again, someone would come looking, so he took pity on the older man. He quickly took the entire length into his mouth and swallowed around the thick flesh imbedded in his throat.

It didn’t take long before Gibbs’s hips snapped forward and Tony’s mouth was flooded with semen. Tony quickly swallowed, not wanting to miss a drop. Gibbs fell back against the metal wall and Tony cleaned Gibbs with quick licks. He gently placed Gibbs’ softened cock back inside his underwear and zipped him up.

He stood up and took Gibbs’ head between his hands before giving him a slow gentle kiss. Gibbs returned it and slid his hand down Tony’s front before cupping the hard bulge between his legs.

“I’ll take care of this later tonight.”

Tony swallowed hard at the dark promise in Gibbs’ voice.

The End.

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