Lonely No More

Leroy Jethro Gibbs leaned back in his chair. He was finally finished going over and signing off on all of the reports from the latest case. He glanced over at the empty desks around him and looked down at his watch. It was after nine.

He started gathering up his stuff to head home. He glanced over at Tony’s desk and sighed. He had been especially hard on the younger man lately. He knew why he was doing it, but unlike what that damn cartoon from the ‘80s said, knowing was not half the battle.

Tony wanted him. Tony lusted after him. Tony might even think he was in love with him, but Gibbs wondered how many of Tony’s other lovers had Tony thought he was in love with. Oh Gibbs knew that Tony wasn’t as much of a slut as he played for Cait, but Tony did fall in and out of love very easily.

Gibbs was the total opposite. When he fell in love, he fell hard, and when all of those loves ended he was left alone and lonely. He was finally over the end of his last relationship. Elaine had been a beautiful and sexy woman, and she loved knowing that she confounded Gibbs’ subordinates whenever she picked him up from work.

Things had been moving rather smoothly and Gibbs had been considering looking for a ring, the only thing holding him back was his feeling for Tony. After Ari though, it became a moot point. Elaine had finally realized that Gibbs’ job was dangerous, after he had been shot in the shoulder. They had seen each other a few times before she finally called it quits. She couldn’t deal with the worry.

So he had been alone and lonely again. But finally he was over the loneliness and had pretty much decided that, that had been it. No more relationships. He was tired of being lonely and he wasn’t going to do it anymore.

Some might say that he was lonely now. All alone in his house, an unfinished boat the only thing keeping him company. But he wasn’t lonely. He was content, but he had a feeling that Tony had other ideas for him.

He could see that Tony wanted to say something to him, and Tony was good with words, but he wanted something more than words. He wanted proof. Proof that if they started something, that Tony would be there forever. That Tony would never change his feelings for Gibbs.


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