The Tuesday Code

The Tuesday Code 068: Loss
"Agent MacGregor saved the world on a Tuesday and not one damned news station reported it." With that sharp statement the latest Thom E. Gemcity book moves the series in a bold new direction. For the first time we see the action through the eyes of Agent Tommy."
-Publisher's Weekly

Tony DiNozzo dropped the clipped review into the trunk of memories he kept at the foot of his bed. He saluted Tim McGee with a glass of scotch before collapsing onto his couch. He flipped on The Trouble with Harry.

His cellphone rang. "Yeah, Boss?"

"Open the door. I brought food."

Tony opened the door and let the pizza laden man in. "I'll start a pot of coffee. There's Jack on the top of the desk."

Gibbs dropped the pizzas onto the coffeetable. He poured himself two fingers of scotch and sat down to watch the movie. Tony dropped down next to him and they clinked glasses in a silent toast. They ate and drank in silence until the knock on the door had both of them reaching for their weapon.

"Tony!" Abby's voice carried through the cheap wood. Tony peered through the peephole. He let her in and relieved her of the tubs of ice cream. He kissed her cheek.

"There's liquor on the desk." She added measure of rum to her Caf-Pow. She curled up under Gibbs' arm. They continued their silent evening of Hitchcock.


Ziva looked up from the paperback. Her eyes were suspiciously bright. "It is a good book," she said quietly. "A fitting memorial."

Tony's head jerked down and away. "Good."

"And the scholarship fund?

He gave her a weak smile. "The announcement goes out to the agency tomorrow. We should have our first applicants by next Friday."

"DiNozzo," Gibbs snapped as he came in, "Director's office. With me."

"I swear, Boss, I didn't do anything."

Gibbs ignored the earnest statement and walked up the stairs. Ziva gave Tony a sympathetic smile. Billy Brown, their new probie, gave him a wild-eyed look. "Don't get yourself fired, please. She hates me." Ziva's smile turned feral. Tony left him to her flirting.

"Director," Tony greeted.

"Sit down. I"ve got a request here from Gemcity's publisher."

"Sir?" Tony frowned.

"They want a publicity whistle stop."

Gibbs snorted. Tony shook his head. "I work undercover still."

Vance sat back. "This book was a memorial to Agent McGee."


"This tour will be a memorial to all the fallen heroes of NCIS. We've demanded that Agent McGee's picture be used for all publicity." Tony's shoulders relaxed. "I'll have Caroline coordinate your schedule."

"And if we have a case?" Gibbs pressed.

"You have two other agents. Pretend he's going to court," Vance said. "No video cameras and all reporters' questions will be pre-approved. The only worry is the conventions and readings. Bobbi Strickland from the PR office will coach you."

"Bobbi?" Tony shook his head. "Only with a chaperone."

Vance blinked at him. "Problem?"

"She tried to get me fired because we only went on one date."

"What happened?"

"Paula Cassidy talked to her. I don't know what she said, but it worked." There was an ache in Tony's chest. Too many lost friends.


"It took me a minute to get used to the different point of view, but I loved the focus on different details. The movie discussions and the tension-easing banter made it feel very real. Highly recommended. (Though I totally agree with McGregor – Tommy is totally a Slytherin.)"
-Amazon Reviewer Pony 7432


"Jesus, Boss, this place is nuts." Tony eyed a barely-dressed cosplayer. "I feel over-dressed. McGeek had better ideas than I thought."

"Stop ogling."

"Boss, please. I'm leering, not ogling."

Gibbs snorted. "Find the coffee before I have to shoot someone."

"Security nightmare." Tony eyed a passing Klingon. He checked his watch. "We've got an hour. Maybe we should catch lunch first."


Tony grimaced. He nodded once. Gibbs gave his shoulder a squeeze.


"From the good-natured grumbling of the start to the heart-breaking conclusion The Tuesday Code is a brutally honest view into the inner workings of the NCIS major crimes team. The final book in the Agent Tibbs series loses none of its affection for the team, but does subtly change what we've always believed about the relationships between them. Agent Tommy's perspective allows for a simultaneously lighter and deeper exploration of the dangers of burn-out, the pressures of tightening federal budgets, and the devotion of the NCIS team to protecting our soldiers and out country..."
-Washington Post Books Section


The man leaning against the front table was hot. All three women agreed. He was chatting with the tech who was fixing the microphone. As the clock ticked to one o'clock, he turned to face the audience. A quick click later and a picture of a young man edged with a bold black frame filled the space behind him.

"Thom E. Gemcity died on a Tuesday and not a single news station reported it." The room went quiet. "My name is Tony DiNozzo. I'm an NCIS special agent. Thom Gemcity was my probie – Timothy McGee."

"Agent Tommy," Linda breathed.

"The last thing he said to me was 'tell the story.' That's what I did and what I'm going to do today. I'm going to tell the real story of The Tuesday Code, with real names. That being said, let me introduce the team."

A young goth woman with black hair falling over her shoulders practically skpped over ot him. She settled under his arm. "This is Abby Scuito, forensic goddess." They were joined by an older man with a bow-tie. "This is Dr. Mallard. Ducky to his friends. ME for NCIS DC." The two sat down behind the table, facing the crowd from the last two chairs on the right.

"This is Special Agent Ziva David. Formerly of Israel." The agent didn't smile at the group, though she did offer a quick squeeze of DiNozzo's arm as she took her place at the far left. "And last, but not least, especially because I like how my head is connected to my body, Senior Special Agent LJ Gibbs."

Gibbs' silver hair and piercing eyes stopped any light chatter in the room. He sent a glare across the audience before retreating to his seat next to David.


"The Tuesday Code is supposedly the last book in Gemcity's series. Let's hope that's not true. Gemcity's maturity as a writer grew with Agent MacGregor as he moved from probationary agent to acting senior agent for Agent Tommy during The Mexican Holiday. In his latest work, he shows that he's grown enough as a writer to leave MacGregor's point of view and tell the story as the more seasoned Tommy."
- Terrance's Book Blog


The call came in on Sunday. The MCR team was on call for the weekend. Tony looked up from the endless reams of paperwork that seemed to multiply on his desk. There was a semi-freal gleam in his eye that made Tim hope there was an actual case on order. If they didn't get him out of the office, he's start pranking people. And given the glares he'd been sending Gibbs over the files that had migrated from the senior agent's desk to Tony's inbox, Tim wasn't the favored target. The last prank war between the two had only been ended through Ducky's intervention.

"Mount up," Gibbs snapped. "McGee, get the car."

The team scrambled for their gear. Tony didn't even try to take over the driver's seat.


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