WIP UPDATED 5-31-16Bury the Body Type Friend - by eoen - FRAO - Arthur runs when he's attacked by a lover. He runs straight to Eames. Arthur/Eames

WIP Erlkonig - by eoen - FRAO - Arthur can't stand seeing his cousins Phillipa and James Cobb having to deal with their rarely present father and decides to sue for custody with the support of his long-time friend and lover, Eames. I mean, the kids already think they're married, after all.

WIP Thimble Case - by eoen - FRM - Ariadne thought she'd stay an architect. Arthur and Eames have other plans for her. She's picked up clues about both of them, but she hasn't put everything together yet. Arthur/Eames

WIP Let Love be the King - by eoen - FRM - Arthur has been passing as a man since he was twelve. Eames doesn't care if his boyfriend has a cock. This is their story. WARNINGS: Non-binary gender and sexuality, Trigger for miscarriage/child death.

WIP Only Way to be Sure - eoen - Eames kidnaps Arthur for a wedding, only complication is that Arthur's working with the FBI.

WIP I'd Stake My Life On It - eoen - Arthur/Eames Arthur/Miles Ari, Eames, and Arthur are going into the mind of a rabid Buffy fan. (Not a crossover or a fusion, but a little bit of both.)

COMPLETED 05-31-16Bluebirds Sing for Princes Too - eoen - Arthur/Eames - Why does Eames keep leaving cartoon rabbits and bluebirds around the office? Why does Arthur keep setting fire to them? Ari really wants to know.

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