Subtle Corruptions

William Turner rolled over onto his side and looked down on his wife who appeared to be sleeping. He pushed her hair away from her face and leaned down to give her a kiss. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. She stretched underneath the sheets.

“Is it time?” Elizabeth asked.


Elizabeth sat up and watched as her husband rose and pulled on the clothes he had put out earlier. She looked out the window and saw the full moon bright in the sky. “At least is it clear this time. No rain.”

Will looked back at her and smiled. “Yes. It will be much more pleasant then last time.” He sat down on the bed to pull on his shoes. He stood up and looked back down at her. She smiled at him and got out of bed.

He watched as she walked towards him. Her nude body glowed in the moonlight, still flushed with the effects of their previous lovemaking. He was tempted to get undressed and continue the lovemaking, but he knew he would never give in. The temptation in the jungle was too great and rare to miss.

“Mrs. Turner, are you sure you should be walking around so indecently? Anyone could be watching, you know,” Will asked with a teasing tone.

“The only one watching is my husband and I don’t think he minds.” She pressed herself against him and pulled his head down into a kiss. After a few moments she pulled away and grinned. “Give him that from me please.”

“I’m sure he’ll be delighted to receive that. Scoundrel that he is,” Will grumbled.

“Silly boy.” She walked over to the small desk by the window and picked up a folded piece of paper. “Give him this. He’s not to read it until he’s back aboard his ship.”

Will took the paper and slid it into his pocket. “I’ll be sure he understands, love.”

“You’d better go, or else you’ll be late. Watch out for guards. I don’t want James coming here telling me that he’s seen you skulking about.”

“I’ve never given Commodore Norrington any reason to suspect me,” Will exclaimed.

“I know, love. Still there is a first time.”

Will walked over to her and cupped her cheek. “Are you sure about this?”

“Of course I am. Trust me, I would tell you if I was against it. Now, get out of here, and I’ll see you come morning.”

Will gave her one last lingering kiss before leaving. He left the small house that he had bought with gold from the Isla de Muerta that he had managed to hide from Norrington. Or more likely that Norrington had purposely overlooked. The house was a good bit smaller then the Governor’s mansion that Elizabeth had grown up in, but she never once complained about the lack of servants or of fine food.

He glanced over at the smithy to make sure that everything was in order. It had been left to him when his master finally succumbed to the poison that he drank. He was doing a fine business and a good many of the Navy officers came to him for swords for when they went out to fight the pirates and the Spanish. It was enough that he was able to keep Elizabeth comfortable and he wasn’t scrounging for food.

He quickly stepped into the shadows when he heard the footfalls of the night watch coming down the street towards him. He watched as they walked past him and he waited for a few minutes after he last heard their footsteps before continuing on.

He quickly made his way through the streets until he reached the edge of town. He hurried through the grass clearing that separated the town from the lush jungle. Once he reached the edge of the jungle he quickly found his path and pushed through the foliage.

The jungle always fascinated him. The different shades of green and the shapes of the leaves, but he had no interest in looking deeper at the jungle tonight. His mind was on his destination. After a few minutes of pushing his way though the foliage he came upon a small waterfall in a clearing. He looked around the clearing. He was alone.

Will walked over to a waist-high bolder and sat down to wait. It wasn’t long until he heard footsteps coming towards him.

“How is it, that no matter how early I get here, you are always waiting for me, Mate?”

Will smiled at the slurred words and the movements of hands that, while he couldn’t see them, he was sure were doing a dance through the air. “You’re never as early as you think you are, Jack.”

“Is that so? Well, Will, m’ lad I’ll have to change that next time,” Captain Jack Sparrow said with a resolute tone.

“You always say that.” Will turned to look at the other man. His gaze slid over the other man’s form looking for any scars or injuries that hadn’t been there the last time.

Jack smirked and held his arms to his sides. He slowly turned around. “Nothin’ changed, luv. I’m as you saw me last.”

“Good.” Will stood up and walked over to Jack. He took the other man’s face between his hands, leaned his head down and kissed him. He pulled back. “That was from Elizabeth.”

Jack grinned up at him. “Was it now? Isn’t that lovely. Be sure and return one from me to her, savvy?”

“Of course.” He lowered his head again and placed his lips against Jack’s for a second time, but this kiss was different. It was deeper. Will ran his tongue over Jack’s lips, silently asking for entrance. His request was granted and his tongue dueled with Jack’s.

Jack’s arms wrapped around Will, one hand going to the small of Will’s back, the other wove through dark brown waves. Finally the need for air forced them to pull away. After a few gasps for air, Will smiled. “And that was from me.”

“A lovely welcome back, luv.” Jack lowered his head to nuzzle at the curve of Will’s neck. He inhaled and smelled Elizabeth on Will’s skin. “You smell like her. She request a last minute tussle?”

“As always.”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was jealous. Good thing I know better,” Jack growled.

“You’d never harm her, Jack.”

“Pirate,” Jack reminded him.

Will leaned away and smiled down at him. “I know you too well, Captain Jack Sparrow.” Will pulled out of his arms. “So how is the Pearl?”

“Ah, me Pearl. She’s doing well. Always tells me how happy she is to have me back.”

“Still? Even after three years?”

“She was without me for ten, luv. She hasn’t recovered.”

Will smiled fondly at him. “Well I’m glad that she still appreciates you. Elizabeth reminded me of something this morning.”

“And what was that, mate?”

“Three years to the day.”

“To the day of what?”

“Three years to the day that we first faced each other in the smithy.”

Jack though for a moment. “On this day, eh? Amazing how things change.”

“Yes. Who’d’ve guessed then that we’d be here today.”

Jack sauntered up to Will with his rolling walk. “Oh I don’t know. I wouldn’t’ve bet against it?”

Will raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Oh?”

“You didn’t see what I saw, luv.” Jack smiled at him, his eyes dark with lust.

“And what did you see?”

“I saw an uptight young lad who was practically begging to be ravished.”

“Did you now?”

“Well, it might have been my imagination. But I do know that had those marines not been on my tail, I’d’ve been doing some plundering and pillaging in your smithy.”

“And here I thought you were busy trying to keep me from killing you.”

Jack grinned at him. “Oh there was that, but let’s face it, lad. You are a very pretty boy.” Jack ran his fingers down the side of Will’s face.

“I’m not a boy any longer, Jack.”

“No, but you haven’t aged much either.” He leaned forward to whisper in Will’s ear. “Shall I tell you what my black heart was telling me I should do with you that day?”

“Please do.”

Jack stalked around the younger man and pressed against his back. “How’s about I show you instead?” he whispered in Will’s ear.

Will started to answer but stopped when he felt the blade of a sword against his neck. “First thing, mate. I’d’ve had to’ve defeated you in that little fight we’d had.” The blade was lifted a few inches from his neck and Jack moved to stand in front of him with the sword pointed at him.

“Now, what’s your name, Whelp?” Will refused to answer. “I don’t think you understand, mate. If you don’t tell me what your name is I get to kill you with no thoughts about you later. If you tell me your name I’m less likely to kill you, savvy?”

“Will Turner,” Will bit out.

“Now was that difficult? Turn around.” Will slowly did as he was told. “Put your hands behind your back.” He did so and felt a leather tie wrap around his wrists. “Good, lad.”

Jack walked around to face Will and sheathed his sword. “Now, let’s get something very clear. You do as I say, I don’t kill you, savvy?”

Will refused to answer. Jack sighed and pulled his dagger. He held it to Will’s throat. “Savvy?”

“Yes,” Will growled.

Jack smiled. Will started to feel a bit of nervousness. The only time he had seen a smile like that on the other man’s face was when the pirate had been thinking of different tortures he could inflict upon Barbossa.

Will gasped as Jack’s hand moved suddenly and his shirt was cut open. He felt a slight sting as the dagger nicked his chest. Jack’s grin turned feral when he saw the drop of blood. The dagger returned to Will’s throat and Jack’s other hand wove into his hair and pulled his head back as far as it would go. He gasped when he felt the pirate’s tongue on his chest, licking up the blood and then licking a stripe up Will’s chest to his neck.

“Have you ever had a man in you, boy?” Jack growled.

Will thought about struggling but the knife at his throat made his decision for him. “No,” he answered.

Jack raised his head and whispered in the blacksmith’s ear, “you will have after tonight.” He bit the lobe of Will’s ear. He pulled on the younger man’s hair until Will was forced to his knees. “Remember, luv, you do as I say or I slit your throat.” He released Will’s hair and undid the ties at the front of his pants.

He pulled his erection out and then pulled Will’s head forward. “Take it in your mouth. If I even feel the hint of teeth you will die.” He pressed the tip of his cock against Will’s lips. Will refused to open his mouth. “Now, boy!”

Will opened his mouth and Jack pushed in. He gagged slightly when the tip hit the back of his throat. Jack withdrew and thrust forward again. Will tried to relax his throat so that he wouldn’t gag. Eventually he succeeded and Jack thrust all the way in, until he was buried to the hilt.

“Ah, that’s good, boy. You sure you haven’t done this before?” Jack looked down at Will. He felt the lust flow through him at the site of the blacksmith on his knees with his mouth stretched around his erection. “You’ll want to get it as wet as you can, mate. It’ll make what comes next much easier on you.”

He held Will’s head in place as he moved his hips in hard shallow thrusts. He had to fight the urge to come in the boy’s mouth. He pushed the younger man’s head away and closed his eyes, trying to regain his control. The boy had an uncanny ability to push him over the edge. He looked at the younger man kneeling in front of him, mouth reddened and swollen from the abuse from Jack.

Jack could almost smell the smoke from the forges. He had, had this fantasy to many times to count and now he had the chance to act it out once and for all.

He pulled the blacksmith to his feet and pushed him towards the boulder. It was a little taller then the anvil at the smithy but it would do. “Time to see if you really are a eunuch, mate.” He grabbed Will’s crotch and massaged the hard length. “Well, well, looks like that’s not the reason for all the practicing.”

Will looked away and Jack forced his head back towards him. “You don’t look away until I tell you, boy.” He reached down and untied the laces of Will’s pants. He pulled them down to the blacksmith’s knees. “Very nice. Your strumpet doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

He spun Will around and bent him over the boulder. He put his knife back into its sheath. “Here’s hoping you got me wet enough, luv.” He positioned himself and drove into Will. The tight, hot slickness surrounded him and he had to fight not to come as Will cried out. He gave a moment to be grateful for the fact that Elizabeth not only knew about them, but always prepared Will for Jack.

Still it had been almost an hour since Elizabeth had stretched and slicked Will. The boy was tight and Jack forced himself not to move, to give Will a chance to relax around him. Finally he felt Will relax and he withdrew and slammed back in. Will cried out from behind clenched teeth. Jack buried his hand in Will’s dark hair and yanked the blacksmith’s head back.

He bent over the boy and whispered in his ear. “Cry out. I want to hear you, boy.” He slammed in again, as hard as he could.

Will cried out as Jack drove mercilessly into him. He tried to stop the sounds but Jack hitting that place inside of him that made him see stars forced the wordless noises out of him. His scalp hurt from where Jack was pulling his hair and his neck was strained as far back at it would go, but the pain only added to the pleasure. He had never felt this way before. He had always enjoyed his times with Jack but this was different. This was primal. He could only thank God that Jack had not done this when they had first met. Back then he would have killed the Pirate for daring to make him feel the way no gentleman should, but now, Jack and Elizabeth had changed him.

He screamed and came at the feel of Jack’s hand wrapping around his erection and Jack’s teeth sinking into his shoulder and breaking skin. Jack drove in several more times before burying himself as far inside Will as he could get and coming. Finally Jack slumped down onto Will’s back. Jack finally raised his head and licked at the broken skin on Will’s shoulder.

“Ah, it’s a good thing this didn’t happen, luv. I’m afraid that if we’d’ve done this, I’d’ve knocked you out, trussed you up and would have taken you with me. You’d be tied to the captain’s bed and I’d be doing unspeakable things to you every night. Wait, what am I thinking? It’s a damn shame it didn’t happen.”

“If this had happened, Jack, you might not have the Pearl back,” Will mumbled.

“You have a point.” Jack stood up and carefully pulled out of Will. He checked to make sure he hadn’t ripped the tender opening. He quickly untied Will and helped him to stand. “You alright, luv.”

Will looked into Jack’s eyes. “I don’t know. I’ve never felt…”

Jack pulled Will into his arms. “I know, luv. It’s alright. You were wonderful. Come over here; let’s lay down for a while.” Jack pulled Will over to the edge of the waterfall and carefully undressed him. He then pulled Will to the ground. He gathered the younger man into his arms.

Will rested his head on Jack’s chest and calmed himself by listening to the sound of Jack’s heart beating. He felt Jack’s arms tighten around him.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, love,” Jack started. Will picked his head up and placed two fingers across the pirate’s lips.

“I know you didn’t. I just wasn’t expecting to feel how I did.” Will looked away in shame.

“I should have warned you. We’ve been rough but never like that.”

“Jack… Did… Did you really think about doing that to me when you first saw me?”

Jack smiled at him and ran his fingers thought Will’s hair. “Luv, I would imagine that most people who meet you think about doing that to you.”


“Shh, luv. It’s really not your fault. You scream take me. Good thing our girl's got you first. Sweet Elizabeth protects you. She's scary enough when she's mad that the others won’t go against her.”

“Then explain to me how I lasted all on my own before I married Elizabeth.”

“I imagine that would be the watchful eyes of the good governor and commodore, savvy? You really are too pretty for your own good.”

Will stared to rise and then a thought hit him. “Jack? You never answered my question. You’re trying to distract me. Did you want to do that to me when you first saw me?”

Jack sighed. “You’ve gotten to know me too well, luv. No, I didn’t want to do that at the time. Oh, I’ll grant you when you were looking at me with those big brown eyes of yours wide with shock, the thought of bending you over your anvil did occur to me, the rest of the bit came from the last three years of being on the sea without you. Alone, in my cabin with only the thoughts of you as my company.”

“You want to put your mark on my soul. So that I’ll never forget you,” Will said with a sudden understanding. “You don’t have to worry about that, Jack. Your name and Elizabeth’s are tattooed on my soul and will never fade.”

Jack looked at him for a few moments before pushing Will over onto his back and rolling on top of him. “Well then, let’s see if I can brand your skin with my name as well.” Jack dove in for a kiss. He ravished Will’s mouth until he was forced back by the need to breathe.

He lowered his head and licked down Will’s neck and stopped to suckle and nibble at Will’s collar bone.

Will ran his hands down Jack’s back and then back up to bury them in Jack’s hair. He itched to remove the scarf that Jack always wore, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“Jack, what else have you fantasized about?” Will gasped out as Jack found his nipples.

“Grabbing you just before I jumped off of the fort and taking you with me after you saved me. You as my capable first mate and bed warmer,” Jack mumbled into Will’s skin.

“Bed warmer?” Will asked with false exasperation. “Is that all I am to you?”

Jack raised his head and looked around. “I don’t see a bed any where. Do you?” He didn’t wait for a response before he swooped down and took Will’s erection in his mouth.

Will cried out and his hands tightened in Jack hair at the suddenness of the move. “God… Jack!”

Jack raised his head. “That’s it, luv. Let me hear you.” He lowered his head again and took Will’s entire length into his mouth. He reveled in the taste, the taste of salt, proof of Will’s link to the ocean, and the sharp taste of metal and soot, signs of Will’s trade. It was a combination that was etched forever into Jack’s memory.

His head rose and fell as he strove to prove his love to the young blacksmith. He knew that he would never be able to speak the words but he hoped that Will could read the words in Jack’s actions.

As much as he wanted Will to spend his seed in his mouth, Jack needed more. He needed to feel the boy inside of him while he was on the ocean. He raised his head and let Will’s erection fall from his lips. Will cried out in protest and tried to force Jack back down.

“Will, Will, I need you. I need to feel you inside of me.”

Will looked at Jack in shock. It was rare that Jack was the one asking to be taken.

“Jack, are you sure?”

“Please, Will. Take me. Hard. I need to feel you.” He rolled off of Will and laid down on his stomach.

“Jack, I don’t have anything to-”

“You’re wet enough. I made sure of that,” Jack interrupted.

“But, Jack, you aren’t used to-”

“Please, Will. I need this. I need to feel it for as long as I can. The pain will be better. A reminder.” Jack looked at Will with naked pleading in his eyes.

“All right, but I am going to stretch you a little.” Will held up a hand to stop Jack’s protests. “The chances of tearing you are too great. We do this my way or we don’t do this at all.”

Jack agreed and Will moved to between Jack’s legs. He ran his hands over the rear of the pirate. He pulled the cheeks apart to reveal the opening into Jack’s body.

“Do you remember doing this to me?” Will asked before leaning forward and running his tongue over the small opening.

Jack cried out and dug his fingers into the soft earth as Will’s tongue delved slightly into the older man’s body.

Will collected as much saliva in his mouth as he could and he used his tongue to spread it as far into Jack as he could reach. He used two fingers to stretch Jack further before pulling away.

“Are you ready, Jack?”

Jack only moaned and parted his legs further. Will raised himself over the older man and slowly pushed his length into the pirate. Jack whimpered at Will’s slow pace and suddenly raised his hips to take Will fully inside.

Will was unable to hold back a thrust at Jack’s sudden move. He forced his body still while he waited for Jack to relax. Jack tried to move his hips but Will’s weight held them in place.

“Will… Please…”

“Give me a moment, Jack.” Will felt Jack relax around him and then he gave into Jack’s pleading, taking him hard and fast. It wasn’t long before they both came. Will collapsed onto Jack. “Was that what you wanted?”

“Perfect, mate,” Jack said in between gasps. “I knew you had it in you.”

Will rolled off of Jack and looked up at the sky between the leaves. “It’s almost time, Jack.”

“I know, luv. Still won’t be long ‘til you see ol’ Jack again.”

“I’ll still miss you.”

Jack sat up and looked at Will. “Same here, luv. Still you have your sweet Lizzy and I have me Pearl.”

“Speaking of Elizabeth…” Will jumped up and grabbed his coat jacket. “She wanted me to give you this.” He held out the folded paper. “She said you aren’t to read it ‘til you are back on the Pearl.”

“Is that so? Well, I’m never one to refuse a lady.” Jack took the paper and tossed it over by his clothes. He watched as Will dressed. “It’s never long enough.”

“I know, Jack, but it’s better then nothing.” Will finished dressing and walked over to Jack. He pressed his lips to Jack’s. This kiss was slow and sweet. “I’ll see you soon.”

“I’ll send word the usual way.”

“You do that, Jack.” Will gave him one last kiss before turning and leaving. They never said goodbye, it was something that neither could do.

Jack waited until Will was completely out of sight before dressing himself. He looked at the letter in his hand and was tempted to read it there, but he decided that his cabin on the Black Pearl was the best place. He quickly made his way to the hidden boat and rowed his way to his ship. Once on board he gave orders to set sail.

Once the Pearl was under way he retired to his cabin and sat down at his table to read the letter. His eyes quickly moved over Elizabeth’s neat writings. “Interesting. Very interesting.” He put the letter down and thought. He stood up and walked over to his maps before choosing one and opening it. There was quite a bit of planning to do.

The End

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