First Truth

Will Turner placed the unfinished sword into the hot coals and stretched his back as he waited for the metal to reheat. The sound of squawking coming from the rafters caught his attention. He looked up and saw the bright blue and yellow of Mr. Cotton’s parrot. He frowned. It was too soon for a visit from Jack.

The bird flew down and landed on the cart. Will walked over and held out his arm. The parrot stepped onto his arm and hopped up to his shoulder. He reached up and untied the small paper from around the parrot’s leg.

Will quickly read the note and then retied it to the parrot. “Take it to the house. It’s for Elizabeth.” He felt slightly stupid for talking to the bird but the parrot had always shown a higher intelligence then its brethren.

Will grimaced as the parrot took off and flew towards the house. He smoothed back his hair that had been knocked out of its tail by the bird’s wings. He sighed and shook his head before turning back to the metal in the fire and going back to work.


Elizabeth looked up from the letter she was writing. She has seen a flit of blue coming from the smithy. She was sure that Jack wouldn’t be back to visit Will, it was far too soon after his last. Jack was always sure to leave plenty of time between visits so that the British Navy wouldn’t catch him.

She gasped slightly when a blue parrot landed on her window sill. She made a slight face at herself when she realized it was Mr. Cotton’s parrot.

“What are you doing here?” She asked the bird as she reached for the paper tied to the bird’s leg. She read the note and then she dashed off a short reply and tied it to the parrot’s leg.

“Off you go. You know where to take that.” She watched as the bird flew off. Once the bird was out of sight she got up and headed for the bedroom she shared with her husband. She quickly changed out of her good day dress into the dress that she used when she worked in their small garden.

Once dressed she hurried down to the smithy and waited until Will had placed the metal he was working with back into the fire.

“Will,” she called to get his attention.

He turned to face her. “You got the note.”

“Yes. I’m going to meet him. What do you think has happened? It’s too soon since his last visit and why is he asking to see me?” Elizabeth questioned.

Will walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. “I would imagine that word got to him about your father and he wants to see how you are doing. He loves you too, you know.”

Four months ago, just after Jack’s last visit, Elizabeth’s father, the Governor of Port Royal, had died. The doctor’s said that it was a weak heart.

“And he might have a response to that letter that you made me give him. Now, you need to go, or you’ll miss him.” Will kissed her. “Give that to him for me?”

“I’m sure he’ll be delighted to receive that. Scoundrel that he is,” Elizabeth responded.

“Silly girl.” They grinned at each other. Elizabeth put as ease at their reversal of their usual routine before Will would go to see Jack.

“I should be back in time to start supper.”

“And if not, I can fend for myself. Get going, woman!”

She gave him one last kiss before she left. She hurried thought the streets and quickly found herself at the edge of town. She ran through the meadow and plunged into the jungle. Will had taken her to the waterfall on many occasions so she knew exactly where to go.

Eventually the jungle thinned and she found Jack sitting on the large bolder in the middle of the clearing.

“Jack, is everything all right?” she asked.

Jack stood and turned to face her. “Everythin’s fine, love. How’re you? We got word in Tortuga. I came as soon as I could.”

“I’m doing better. It’s still hard though.”

Jack walked to her and puller her into his arms. “And I’m sure young William is taking good care of you.”

She laid her head against his shoulder and smiled. “Of course. He’s almost too sweet for his own good.”

“And that’s why he needs us, love. Could you imagine the whelp all on his onesys?”

She snickered. “He would find himself in so much trouble, Jack. He really doesn’t see it does he?”

“No, and that is a large part of his appeal. Well, that, and the boy’s body and face.”

“Jack!” She pulled back and glared at him. After a few moments she let her expression soften and she reached up and kissed him. “That’s from Will.”

“A delight to receive. Give him a return one eh, Luv?”

“Of course. Now why else are you here? I know it’s not just word about my father.”

“No. It’s about that message you sent with the lovely William. I’ve found a few places that might suit, but I’ll be checking them out for the best one.”

“It needs to be sooner then we though, Jack. James visited me a few days ago. He’s gotten word from England about the man who will be replacing my father, and he received ordered to return to England. The new Governor and Commandant are notoriously hard on anyone accused of piracy. James thinks that when word gets to them about Will’s activities, they will watch him for the slightest infraction and use that as an excuse to hang him as an example. James told me to take Will and get out of Port Royal, he fears for Will’s safety, and after the things he told me, I do as well.

“I have another reason for needing William with me, Jack. He is my husband and I love him, but…” Elizabeth took Jack’s hand and pressed it to her lower abdomen. “It’s no longer just me who needs him. I do not want my child to grow up with out a father.”

Jack stared at his hand on her belly in shock. His eyes raised to her. The look on his face was deadly serious for once. “No. One Turner was raised without a father. This one won’t. You have my word, Love.” His face softened and went back to it’s usual smirk. “This does narrow down the choices a bit. Makes it a bit easier to find a place for you. How much time do you have before they arrive?”

“Six months is what James told me.”

"That’s not a lot of time, luv. Still, we can manage."

The end?