The ABCs of Awareness

"You know somethin', Scotty? Zoomin' between responsibilities is a bitch. All of them think Jeannie's crazy to be waitin'. Bete wants to sedate her. Cher, you left me one fucked up team. Don' know why I'm tryin' to live up to your example. Even Stormy knows I ain't got it in me. Funny, non? Gambit's gone and put hisself in the wrong fucking position. He ain't got a chance in Hell of makin' it work. I wish you were back, homme. Just come home and Remy'll do anythin' you want. Kill Mystique. Lick your shoes. Make you up a nice spicy bowl of chili. Non, ain't never that simple. Okay. Possible you could just whisper instructions in my ear. Quit pretending you can't hear my, you son-of-a-bitch!" Running a hand over Scott's lax brow, Gambit sighed. "Sorry, Scotty. That was outta line. Used to be I couldn't stand you talkin' to me." Very slowly Scott's hand rose to settle on Gambit's wrist and squeezed. "What the. . .? Xavier, Henri, he's wakin' up!"