The ABCs of Headaches

Headaches come in all sorts of styles. I should know. Just ask my wife. Know what? Lots of times they just pop up out of nowhere.

My migraines are incredibly fascinating. No, they really are. Of course Jean doesn't like them. Problem being that they seep through our link and mess with her powers.

Quills of pain flare behind my eyes, driving deep into the soft tissue of my brain until I want to scream. Ruby quartz absorbs your blasts my well-maintained ass. Sometimes, the pain blossoms slowly behind my eyes, folding open like the petals of a flower in the sun until my whole head burns with scarlet flames of pain.

Try explaining that to someone who never even gets tension headaches. Until you've been there, you can't understand it.

Very few people even notice that the agony is there. We're very good at ignoring the problems in our midst. X-men don't turn their backs on their teammates, I hear you say.

You go ahead and believe that if it makes you feel better.

Zebra-jagged stripes of pain cloud my vision like the lightening from one of Ro's anger-storms. Agony streaks up from the tip of my nose until it reaches my skull, then spreads out and around the bones of my eye socket. Bands of pain try to crush my skull as they tighten around my head. Call me crazy, but I think I can hear my bones creak under the pressure.

Doesn't anyone notice the mood swings? Even Logan seems oblivious to my pain now. Friendship is over-rated. Great, here comes another headache Betsy fighting with Wings.