Animal Instinct

Scott was in the Danger Room at an hour when no one else was awake. This was a time for him, a time when he could focus on controlling and strengthening his powers. Today he was focusing on the quickness and precision of his blasts. He had programmed the computers to send targets at him, some were red and some were blue. The red were enemy targets and the blue were harmless.

He had been at the exercise for a half an hour when a buzzer sounded. It was someone requesting entrance into the Danger Room. "End exercise." The targets vanished. "Enter."

The door opened and Logan strolled in. "Ya do this every morning, Cyke? No wonder yer so uptight. Ya should be upstairs in bed with Jeannie. Don't ya think she'd like to wake up one day with ya snuggled up against her?"

"My relationship with Jean is none of your business, Logan. She and I have talked about this. She understands why I do this."

"Sure, in her mind she understands, but what about in her heart?"

"Drop it," Scott growled.

"Yer testy this mornin'. Why don't you work off some of that excess energy. I'm up for a round or two."

"Fine. Powers or no powers?"

"No powers. Let's make this interesting."

Scott nodded. "Lock doors." The sound of the lock engaging echoed through the room. Logan immediately leaped at Scott, who dodged out of the way. For a while the fight mainly consisted of an attack that was dodged by the other man, until a misstep by Scott changed everything.

Scott had avoided an attack but had landed wrong and he felt his ankle twist under him. He fell to the side to prevent a serious injury, but when he did so, it gave Logan the perfect opportunity. He wrapped his hands around Scott's upper arms and slammed him into the wall. He pressed up against him and breathed deep. He could smell sweat, anger, the sandalwood smell that was all Scott, and underneath it all was arousal.

Logan's chest rumbled as he fought against his instincts. The wild part of him was screaming at him to throw the other man down on the ground and have his way with him. His lips pulled back into a snarl. He was so busy dealing with the primal urges in him, that Scott's retaliation was a complete surprise.

Scott had felt himself falling towards the ground when he was grabbed and slammed into the wall face first. He felt Logan press him against the wall and he felt the rumbling in Logan's chest. He knew he had to get free of Logan or he would never hear the end of how easy it was to defeat him. Knowing how quickly Logan healed, he slammed his head back into Logan's face. Logan stumbled back and his hold loosened enough for Scott to get free.

Scott quickly moved out of arms reach and crouched for Logan's response. His muscles tensed in shock. When Logan looked at him there was no sign of intelligence in his eyes. Only animal instinct.

"Logan?" The only response was a deep growl. "Logan, listen to me. Fight it. Don't let it control you. I know you, if you do something right now, you will hate yourself. We might not have gotten along most of the time, but I like to think we are friends now."

Logan snarled and leapt at him. Again, he tried to dodge, but this time Logan was not holding back. He was using every ability he had to get his opponent. Scott was only able to avoid him for a few minutes. Eventually, he felt Logan grab his ankle. He was unable to do anything except to protect himself from the impact with the ground.

Even though he was expecting it, the impact knocked the air out of his lungs. He lay there gasping, trying to bring air back in. Logan pounced on him, rolled him onto his back, and straddled his stomach. He leaned over him and sniffed at his neck.

"Logan." A growl and the press of Logan's fist against the underside of Scott's chin silenced him. The fist slowly uncurled and the back of Logan's hand moved up to caress Scott's cheek. Logan shifted and Scott gasped. He could feel the hard length of Logan's cock pressed against his lower stomach.

Logan sat up and cocked his head. He stared at Scott for a while before reaching out and touching Scott's visor. Scott barely had time to close his eyes, before Logan ripped it off. Logan's fingers trailed over Scott's eyebrows before moving down to trace Scott's lips.

Suddenly, his fingers were replaced by his mouth. Logan's tongue forced Scott's mouth open and plunged inside. Unconsciously, Scott arched up into the kiss. He felt as if he was being devoured by Logan. Logan's tongue searched every centimeter of his mouth. He moaned and tried to get closer. He grabbed Logan's shoulders and pulled him down.

Logan ripped his mouth away and growled. He rose up off of Scott. Scott desperately wanted to open his eyes. He wanted to see what Logan was doing. He had to know if Logan had come to his senses and was leaving. Just before he called out, he heard the sound of Logan's claws unsheathing. Then he felt the pressure of the claws against his chest and he heard the sound of cloth tearing.

Soon Scott was completely unclothed and Logan flipped him on his stomach. Logan settled on top of him once more. Scott groaned when he felt Logan's bare skin touch his. Logan's hands gripped Scott's hips as he took the skin at the back of Scott's neck between his teeth. Logan ground his crotch into Scott's ass.

Scott could fell Logan's cock slide between his ass cheeks and rub against the small opening. "Logan, oh God." Scott tried to concentrate. "Logan, I've never done this, we need lubricant or something."

There was enough humanity in Logan to understand what Scott was saying. He pressed his fingers against Scott's mouth. Scott's lips opened and drew Logan's thick fingers inside. He sucked on them and ran his tongue over them, feeling the rough calluses.

Logan pulled his fingers out of Scott's mouth and Scott moaned in disappointment. Logan bit him on the shoulder in response. Logan shifted on top of him and suddenly he felt one finger at his opening. The thick finger breached the small opening and Scott winced. It didn't hurt but it wasn't comfortable either. Just then Logan found the spot behind his left ear that drove him nuts. Logan bit and sucked at the spot until Scott was no longer paying attention to what Logan was doing with his fingers.

Suddenly a jolt of electricity shot through him and he screamed in surprise. He became aware that Logan had three fingers in him. Logan's fingers curled inside of him and the feeling came again.

"God, Logan. Now. I need you NOW!"

Logan growled and rolled Scott onto his side without removing his fingers. He positioned himself so that his cock was in front of Scott's face. He tapped Scott's mouth and Scott opened it to take in Logan's fingers, but something thicker was placed in it. Scott groaned when he realized that it was Logan's cock. He moved his head and tried to take in more of it, but the position was wrong.

He sucked on it and covered as much of it as he could with saliva. Suddenly Logan shuddered and grasped Scott by the hair. He pulled Scott off of his cock and flipped him back onto his stomach. He removed his fingers and Scott groaned at the emptiness. His own cock felt like it was drilling a hole in the floor.

Logan positioned himself and drove into Scott with one strong lunge. Scott screamed. He felt like he was being torn in two. Logan paused for a moment and started to thrust. The pain quickly gave way to pleasure as Logan struck his prostate at irregular intervals. It wasn't long before Logan stiffened and shouted as his cock emptied spurt after spurt of semen into Scott body.

Scott groaned and thrust against the floor. Logan withdrew and spun Scott onto his back. Scott screamed in surprise as his cock was enveloped in a wet heat. He reached down and ran his fingers through Logan's hair. It only took two bobs of Logan's head before Scott was coming.

Logan felt Scott's body slump and he licked away the last of Scott's cream. He filed the taste away in the back of his mind. He looked up at his mate and slowly human intelligence crept back into his eyes.

Logan's eyes widened when he realized what he had done. He looked down to make sure that he hadn't torn Scott with his rough entry and was relieved to see no blood. He retrieved Scott's visor and placed it over his eyes, before hauling him up into his lap. Scott was unresponsive and Logan tightened his grip around Scott and buried his face into Scott's neck.

He rocked back and forth, apologizing in a choked voice. Finally he felt Scott starting to respond, but he couldn't bear to look him in the eye. "Oh, God, Scott. I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. Are ya all right? Should I get Jean and Hank? I'll pack my bags and be out of the mansion before this afternoon…" Logan's ramble was stopped by Scott's fingers on his lips.

"It's all right, Logan. I'm okay. You're forgetting something. If I had really wanted you to stop, all I'd've had to do was open my eyes."

Logan looked up at him. There was a hope in his eyes that Scott had never seen before. "Are ya sure?"

"I'm positive." Scott pulled Logan's head down to him and kissed him.


Up in the control room, the lone occupant removed her hand from her crotch, closed her legs, and smoothed her skirt down. She sat back in the chair and pressed the stop button on the recorder. She popped out the tape and quickly typed in the commands to erase the session from the hard drive. She looked down at the two men and then at the tape and grinned. There were some great possibilities with this.

As she left the room she threw back her long red hair and opened the link she had with her husband. He was so wrapped up in what he was doing to Logan and vice versa, that he never noticed.

The End

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