Assassins, Schoolgirls, and Thieves, Oh Shit

Cyclops Acquisition -- by Kethry -- Logan finds a hustler on the street-corner. Will it turn out to be more than a one-night stand?
WIP Jubilee Acquisition -- by Kethry -- Scott and Logan are in Hong Kong on a job. Will a little ex-pat American street-rat complicate the deal too much?
Gambit Acquisition -- by eoen -- Summers Consulting needs a thief. Logan may just have found the right one.
Running in Circles -- by eoen -- Gambit doesn't want to be Logan's thief, but he wants to be Sabretooth's chew toy less. Doesn't he?
WIPMagneto Calling WIP -- by eoen -- When Summers Consulting is hired to destroy the XMen, will they do it or not?