Sin Series

WARNINGS: The Sin Series is a Warren/Scott BDSM series (SPICY BDSM - includes pain and bondage, but not so much mind-games). Be warned. There may be consent issues in Pride. This series caught me out of the blue, but it's half-written... It begins when they're still teenages. Scott is 16, Warren 17 in the first story. This means Jean is *not* Scott's wife/girlfriend and Logan is *not* a love interest. (Totally breaking out of my usual pattern here.) Almost forgot: There are references to child abuse and prostitution and rape. *looks back at warnings* Damn, why do I do these things to myself.

Pride - Scott's pride won't let him walk away from a challenge or a bet. He gets into trouble.

Sloth - Scott and Warren hash out their relationship.

Lust - Jean shows up and Warren doesn't like it that Scott's flirting with her. Jean is having trouble wrapping her head around Warren and Scott's relationship.

Wrath - Logan's pushed Scott's last nerve. Warren redirects his anger.

Drunkenness - Warren's just been hurt in the tunnels. He tries to break up with Scott and Scott doesn't handle it well.