Xover Library

I Always Wanted a Peg Leg: X-Files/Pirates of the Caribbean - eoen

WIP It's All Confusing: Xmen/Buffy X-over From the La Vie XMen universe- eoen WIP

WIPPack Parallels TS/XM Crossover WIP - eoen

WIP A Sense of Timing TS/NCIS Crossover - Blair did his Master's thesis on heightened senses. One of his subjects, a fellow cop, asks for his expert help.

WIP Strangers with Swords MK/HL Crossover - eoen - It's been 13 years since Mortal Kombat. When Johnny Cage shows up at McLeod's dojo in Chicago, what does he want?

The Immortal Job Lev/HL Crossover - Kethry - How will the Leverage Team react to finding out two of their members are Immortal? WARNING: Adult Language. FRT

WIP A Senseless Crime TS/NCIS Crossover - eoen - Tony goes to Cascade to solve the murder of one of the sailors he met while he was an agent afloat WARNING: Refers to homophobia. FRT

WIP A Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing - NeroWolfe/Leverage Crossover/Fusion - eoen - Where did Nate learn his craft anyway?

WIPUntitled Kung-Fu:The Legend Continues (KFtLC) and Supernatural X-over - Kethry - When danger stalks Chinatown, you know the Caines are going to be involved, just what are they going to do with two darkness-hunting brothers who happen to be wanted by the FBI?

WIP Out of Respect - Leverage/MacGyver - eoen - SAM calls the retrieval artist that once saved his life to save his father.

WIP Any Way The Wind Blows - Supernatural/Mary Poppins - eoen - Several women have been found dead, all nannies. Something's hunting them and Dean can't tell Sam why.