Abby was busy chatting and surfing when the email from Gibbs popped up. She shook her head. If Gibbs is working overtime, that means I should have a message from Tony any minute now. She opened the message. "Abby, I'm teaching Tony to sign. Don't respond unless he signs to you."

She laughed. "Gotcha," she sent back. Still chuckling, she dove back into her on-line life.


That Monday, she turned around from her latest test results to find a Caff-Pow from McGee on her desk. She smirked. MIT really did know how to treat her right. She took a gulp of it and went back to work. Gibbs might be her favorite team lead, but he wasn't the only one she had to deal with.


McGee smiled at her over the top of her computer screen. She grinned at him. "Thanks for the soda. So, what brings you down to my lab? Do I have time to have my wicked way with you?"

He blushed, but nodded. "Had to get away from them." He gestured towards the upstairs. There were several different things that could mean. Gibbs could be cranky. Tony could be annoying Tim. Or the two men could be pushing each others buttons to see who'd break first this time. It would be Tony of course. Tony only challenged the lead dog to be put in his place. She ignored the minor fantasy that though invoked.

"Gibbs being a bastard?" she asked sympathetic. "Poor, Tim. Come here." She held out her arm. She gave Tim a hug and a kiss on the lips. She'd like to do more, but it wasn't something she should do in the office when someone could walk in. She liked this job. "Better?"

He nodded, a gentle smile on his lips. There was always something to be said for being friends with benefits. Gibbs knew. Tony knew. Kate definitely knew. "So what are you up to today?" he asked her.

"Well, there are other teams," she chided. "But of course, they aren't my favorites." She chatted until one of the machines beeped. "Sorry, got to get that."

When she turned back around, Tim had disappeared back upstairs. She sighed and gulped more of her sacred caffiene. She turned the music up another notch.


Abby looked up when someone tugged her ponytail. "Hi, Abbs," Tony said cheerfully. He looked adorably sulky. Gibbs was a fool not to jump his more than willing bones.

She cocked her head to the side. She grinned at him. "What brings you down here?" she signed.

"No, Abbs, please," he begged. She didn't relent. "Gibbs, is evil."

She rolled her eyes. "What do you need, pretty boy?" She'd been using that particular sign for Tony since she'd met him. Gibbs just rolled his eyes about it.

"That's not right."

"Get used, to it. It's all you."


She smirked. "Takes one to know one. How are the lessons coming?"

He caught her hands. "Slow down," he finger signed. She gave him a sheepish smile in apology. She forgot that the only signs he knew were the ones she and Gibbs had taught him over the years.

"So ask me your questions. If you're nice, I'll teach you how to tease McGee." She signed slowly, explaining the signs he didn't understand with finger signs.

Tony sighed. "He has drawn you to the Dark Side," he told her with a frown. She winked at him. When he'd finally made it through a session of serious gossip and was smiling again, she sent him back up to Gibbs. She shook her head. The poor thing had it bad. That was the only reason she could think of for taking all the shit Gibbs dished out. Maybe Tony was a sub though. She licked her lips. She needed to shut down that thought. Not at work, she told herself firmly. You want to imagine the boy in leather pants and a collar while he blows Gibbs you do it at home, she told herself firmly.


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