The ABC's of Containment

"Inescapable?" Remy said with a raised brow.

Jean nodded. "Know what we need? Lemon for this fish."

"Mais, y' tell me more 'bout this room while I get the lemon."

"Now you know I can't tell you anything else before you decide to try it for us."

"Oui, I'll do it."

"Professor Xavier will be so pleased."

"Quite so," the professor said entering the kitchen. "Right now I don't think you need anymore information."

"Somehow I don' like the idea that you been listenin' in on us."

"Then you won't do the testing for us?" Charles asked mildly.

"Unfortunately, we don't have anyone else who could do it for us," Jean interrupted before they could get into an argument. Valiant effort, she told her self sadly, too bad.

"Well then, chere, Gambit'll do it for y'," Remy said with a flourished bow, "not him."

Xavier frowned, the lines of his face darkening with shadows. "You must go into this without any information just as a prisoner would be."

"Zoo inmate you mean," Gambit sneered.

"Absolutely not!"

"But y' plan to study them don't y', Charles?"

"Can't you see how important that information would be to help them gain control of themselves?"

"Don't talk to me 'bout the good of researchin' on folks that don' volunteer. Even Sinister don't play the game that its f' their own good. Fine. Gambit'll test y're cage, but only if y' ain't there."

"Hank will monitor the test," Jean cut in, forcing them into agreement over the testing of the containment unit for violent mutants, hoping things would work out.


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