ABC Stories

These stories are in response to the general ABC challenge which is to write either a 26 line or 26 paragraph story with each line or paragraph beginning with the next letter of the alphabet.

ABC's of Adultery - Jean's having an affair. But with whom?

ABC's of Awareness - Remy's been drafted to sit with Scott while he's unconscious.

ABC's of Containment - Jean wants Remy to test out a new mutant cell, will Charles break the deal?

ABC's of Family - Remy deals with his father's death.

ABC's of Guilt Read the Pre-quel Haunted - When Remy dies, how will Rogue deal with it?

ABC's of Headaches - What's it like to be inside Scott's head?

ABC's of Leadership - Some responsibilities can't be forgotten, even when you're over a thousand miles away.

ABC's of Lovin' - On the XM Bedroom page

ABC's of Sanity - Bobby has a secret

ABC's of Submission - On the XM Bedroom page under the "Pretty Pet" series