Meteora Series - A series of independent stories based on the Linkin Park CD Meteroa.

Don't Stay

Somewhere I Belong
UPDATED 12-31-13 WIP Part of Something Real - by eoen - Sinister's sent Gambit to steal some information from the X-Mansion. (Gambit/Storm relationship is developing.)
Lying From You

Hit the Floor

Easier to Run
WIP Easier to Run - by eoen WARNING: Character Death Off-stage, references to rape and suicide.



Breaking the Habit
Breaking the Habit - by Kethry WARNING: Character Death -- Sometimes there's just too much death in the world.
Paint it on the Walls - by eoen WARNING: Character Death -- How can you tell the people you love the pain in your soul when you don't have the words?

From the Inside
Tired of this Deceit - by eoen WARNING: Character Death Off-stage -- When Logan comes back to the mansion after ten years, things are different, but hauntingly familiar. Can he pick up where he left off?

Nobody's Listening


WIP Numb - by Kethry -- Leadership doesn't come with vacations, but Scott needs one anyway.