Silver and Shadow

Gambit stood very still in the middle of the battle. He stared at the wall-sized mirror in its ornate frame. He could follow all of the fighting. Their opponents weren't showing in the mirror, but they weren't vampires. He knew vampires, had grown up with them all around.

//Psylocke, I need you to walk the shadows.//

Psylocke nodded once. She disappeared into the pool of darkness near one of the sconces. //Care to let the rest of us in on this?// Cyclops' voice was sharp with sarcasm.

//Tell you if'n this works.// His eyes tracked the mirror's weak spot. He crossed the room in one graceful flip and tapped the weak point the way his father ahd taught him. The mirror shattered. Behind it was nothing. It didn't feel like a shadow, or an opening. Their foes disappeared. //Lizabetta?//

//I am fine. No, it's not a shadow, but it's not empty either.//

"A thief in my home. Intolerable." The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. It echoed through the chamber and yet came from outside. It shook his bones and made his teeth ache.

//Theory?// Scott prompted.

//Non-humoniod mutant with psi-powers. Walks through or operates through shiny surfaces. I hope.//


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