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La Vie X-Men - eoen - An AU Xmen universe where Jubilee's becoming a thief, Scott remembers his street-wise ways, and Remy's trying to figure out what the heck he's gotten himself into.
Dark Scott - eoen - Come to an AU NO where Scott is an assassin and just happens to be Belladonna's adopted brother!
Songs Series (AKA The Belladonna Series) - eoen - a series of linked stories about the relationships between Remy, Rogue, and Belle. No on-screen sex really, but a lot of inferences and talking about it.
Pack Series - eoen - Logan's protectiveness of the pack while he's feral leads him to developing a relationship with Remy, will they be able to add Scott to the mix?
ABC stories - eoen - stories with the same general idea, they all run in ABC order. The first letter of each sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet.
Essex Boys Series - Kethry - Welcome to an AU where Scott and Remy are raised by Nathaniel Essex in the normal XMen universe. When the boys get sent to the Xmen for their protection, what will their Nannies do?

Taking the Blame - eoen - FRE -- Interrogation is such a nasty word for a conversation between friends....

040.Drink WIP Tea and Sympathy - eoen - FRE -- Sometimes old enemies are just as friendly as old allies.

The Future's So Bright - eoen - FRE - Gambit and Wolverine ponder the future.

WIPDead Hand - eoen - FRT - Gambit and Angel get invited to a dinner party where the company is to *die* for.

Fly Away - eoen - FRT - Scott's thoughts as he deals with Jean's death

The Heart Yearns - eoen - A FRA slash story. Logan decides to get off his butt and declare his love.

Downfall - eoen - - Remy is kidnapped by his ex. His new beau Scott doesn't take it kindly. It's an alternating 1st person POV.

Champagne and Pop Rocks - eoen - The team goes on vacation. By losing straws, Scott and Remy get stuck at the mansion. Will they make it two weeks without killing each other?

WIPThe Mists of Time - eoen - On the Shi'ar homeland the XMen learn something amazing about Gambit which gets them caught up in an unexpected malstrom of politics.

Nowhere Fast - eoen - Logan's not talking about his problems. Remy gives him an ultimatum. Will they be able to unbend enough to get somewhere or will the silence keep them stuck on the road to nowhere?

Underground Reflections - eoen - Remy goes to DC to meet up with his best friend.

Truth Brings - eoen -Xavier gives the team a journal assignment. He wasn't ready for the results.

Time and Again - eoen - Remy's more than he's ever let on. Will Nathaniel be able to save him again?

Suicide King - eoen - A Christmas word-picture featuring Remy, Rogue, and a King of Diamonds.

WIPQuiet Times - eoen - Response to have Gambit sleep with everyone in the mansion, in a non-sexual way. FRT

Sunday at the Zoo - eoen -Remy and Rogue's relationship ends quietly for once.

A Summer's Evening - eoen Remy and Storm share an evening.

Pennies for the Dead - eoen - Scott deals with Jean's death. Again.

A Very Merry Unbirthday - eoen - Jubilee wants to plan Gambit's birthday party.

Pawn to D4 - eoen - Charles is above all else a psychologist. It's just that Remy wants nothing to do with the therapy he needs.

WIP Twisting the Family Tree - eoen - FRT for language -- Nothing is ever what it seems in Sinister's lab.

Maple Syrup Morning - eoen - FRE -- Quiet, domestic, hungover...

WIP The Knave of Hearts Affair - eoen - FRE -- All Jean wanted to do was make some cookies for her husband.

WIP Silver and Shadow - eoen - FRT - The team is up against someone who can walk between mirrors