Adversor Aut Deserviorire -eoen and Kethry - XF/HL crossover which deals with religion, violence, and other adult themes


House of the Rising Sun XM/HL Crossover - eoen - not adult yet, but has references to slash and will be at some point explicit.

Once a Thief/XF

Once A Thief/XF crossover series includes sex, child abuse, and violence.


WIP Amanda's Gift NCIS/HL Crossover - eoen - When Methos is arrested for killing a Navy man, Amanda turns to her "adopted cousin" for help. The trouble only magnifies when Cory pokes his nose into the business too. Gibbs/DiNozzo, with lots of non-pairing flirting.

NCIS/Twin Peaks

WIP 019. Him Always a Lady - eoen - When Den Bryson of the DEA needs help with an unusual undercover mission, he comes to ask a favor of Tony. NCIS/Twin Peaks


WIP Deny Everything - eoen - NCIS/XF When NCIS investigates a child murder, it seems bad enough, then, the Feds arriveā€¦ - M/K G/D

NCIS/Addams Family

WIP Contractual Obligations - eoen - NCIS/Addams Family - Tony has to fulfill the betrothal contract he has with Wednesday. Of course, they'll both be bringing their lovers to the wedding. Gibbs/DiNozzo Wednesday/DiNozzo Wednesday/OFC

The Sentinel/Petshop of Horrors

WIP Sensing a Secret TS/Petshop of Horrors - eoen - Cascade gets a new detective.

X-Men/Marvel's Avengers

WIP UPDATED 02-03-22Industrial Espionage XM/Marvel's Avengers - eoen - Tony Stark and the Avengers come home to find Remy LeBeau napping on his couch. Why is he there? Ironman/Gambit Remy/Tony/Pepper Tony/Pepper Remy/Belladonna and who knows what else. TRIGGER WARNING: References to self-harm


WIP UPDATED 02-03-22 A Wish Your Heart Makes -eoen - Charles asks Remy to find him a couple of experts to teach sub-consious security. Luckily, he knows just who to call. Arthur/Eames


WIP NEW 02-03-22 Bell-suits and Summer Breaks -eoen - Tony DiNozzzo had to learn his slieght of hand from somewhere, turns out he's had a long-term friend who just happens to be a theif. RemyLeBeau/TonyDiNozzo.

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