Adversor Aut Deserviorire

XF/HL Crossover

Authors' Note: This story deals with religion and may offend some people.

WIP ADDED 11-2-05First Impressions- eoen - Where Don Salzer first meets Adam Pierson
WIP ADDED 11-2-05Blackmail-eoen - Wherein Don learns a secret
Methos- eoen - Where MacLeod goes looking for Adam, but finds something more.
Timeless-eoen - Methos meets Alexa
Revelations 6:8- eoen - Methos' brother comes back and he's not happy.
ADDED 11-2-05Horsemen Episodes Epilog- eoen - Methos has to deal with the fallout and a gets a surprise visitor
ADDED 11-1-05Archangel- eoen - Is MacLeod going insane or is there really a millenium deamon?
Modern Prometheus- eoen - Lord Byron's in town.
WIP ADDED 11-2-05To Be or Not to be: Epilog- eoen- Methos is leaving town and Mac wants to know why.