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Childrens' Dreams Run With Rats

Roaches and Mice
You're Not Alone
A Line in the Sand
Actual Reality
I Have to Fly
There Is No Future
There is No Past
Isolating Age
Insanity is Fun
I've Had Enough
I'm A Soldier at 13

Leave Your Conscience At The Tone

Absolut Ecstacy
Pushed Over A Cliff By a Suicidal Mickey Mouse

WIPWelcome to My Life - by eoen - After a bad night the Director takes Vic home with her.

WIPCreation - by eoen - the birth of Alex Kryceck.

WIPMerry Ain't in My Vocabulary - by eoen - Victor's first Christmas at the SGA.

I Should Tell You
A Tiger In A Cage
How Did We Get Here
Honest Living
All This Misery Pays No Salary
We're Okay

Metaphysic Puzzle -- by eoen -- Mulder/Kryceck slash --Mulder figures out the Kryceck puzzle.

Hit The Road Blues
Days of Inspiration
Tango to Hell
Dance in the Flames

How You've Touched Me - by Kethry - The Director contemplates her team after the explosion in the warehouse.

Black Leather and Lace
Another Empty Life
Dancing Her Dance
I Can't Believe This Is Goodbye
Lonely Blue
When Your Heart Has Expired
Your Eyes
Fear's My Life
About That Night
Your Love is Rough
Talk to Me Again
The Whisky Man's My Friend

WIPTeenage Wasteland - by eoen - Mac and Vic go undercover to find the person killing teenage runaways.

Look It's Santa Claus - by eoen - Corey visits the office Christmas party.

I Have to Work Myself to Death, Just to Fit In
Is It In My Head or In My Heart?
Nowhere Is Home
Love Reign O'er Me, Love Rain on Me
How Many Friends Have I Really Got?
The Wrong End of the Race
Everyone Calls Me the Quiet One

Who Are You?

Going Against the Grain

WIP - by Kethry - LiAnne and Mac find out how Vic ended up the way he is.

Dying in America

Who Do You Think You Are? -- by Kethry -- Mac and LiAnne go to visit Mulder against orders, Vic is not happy.

Will I Wake From this Nightmare?

WIPThis Boy Could Use Some Stoli - by eoen - While he's recovering from the loss of his arm, the Director cheers Victor up.

I'll Cover You -- by eoen -- Mac/Vic slash -- After Vic loses his arm, Mac proves he still loves him.

Whill I Lose My Dignity
Without You
Call Their Bluff
Love's Not A 3-Way Street
Why Does Distance Make Us Wise?
Time for Danger

WIPThe Heart May Freeze - by Kethry

Give Into Love
But For The Grace of God
The Scars of Nevers and Maybes
Don't Breath Too Deep
Pint of Shame

This Could Be Suffering -- eoen -- Vic finds an old friend

Take Me or Leave Me

WIPWasted Opportunity - by eoen - Jackie reflects on Victor and the team as she waits for death.

WIPTake Me out Tonight - by eoen - The Director takes Alex on a date, or is it?

Don't Let Go
Where There's Moonlight
You Heard?
Just Play the Game

Call Your Mother - by Kethry - Victor gets some bad news from home.

Stop Escaping Your Pain
Hating Dear Old Mom and Dad
My Body Strains But the Nerves are Dead
Ungaurded, Untouched Heart
Your Love's Too Heavy on Me
The Kids are Alright
It's A Legal Matter Baby
Whenver You Run, I'll Be Following You
You Say I've Been in Prison
Don't Look Away
My Morning Put to Shame
Can You See the Real Me
The Truth Lies in My Frustration
We All Live With Demons

WIPSo Sad About Us - by Kethry - Victor finds out why Allegra ran away from home and it may end up costing someone their life.

The World Has Gone Insane

No Day But Today
WIPThe World Revives - by Kethry - The new team finds things aren't what they seem.

Shadows Gave Way to Light
There's No Easy Way to be Free
The Past is a Hero, the Present a Queen
Center of the Universe
I'm Getting Funny Dreams Again
Life is for the Living, the Takers Never Giving