Yenta Series -- by eoen

Opening Moves -- Scott wants to know more about Storm's friend.
Soap, Water, and Rubber Gloves -- Rogue and Remy get into a water-fight.
Impressions -- Xavier comes home and meets Remy for the first time.
Scars -- Remy's been hiding on the roof all night, can Scott figure out why?
Yenta Madness -- Remy decides that Logan/Jean/Scott need to be together, but they're not the only couple he's intent on getting together.
Happy New Year -- There's nothing like an XM party, especially when their enemies show up for a drink!
I Have A Dream -- Remy and Betsy exchange fantasies over a beer.
A Long Distance Request -- Scott reaches out to Logan after they fight.
You Are My Home BDSM Warning -- Logan's come home. Will he forgive Scott?
Home is Where the Heart isBDSM warning -- Logan's back, but finds out that Jean's hurt Scott. What will he do?
Rings Around Roses -- The Trio finally commit! and other Valentine's sappiness ensues.
Search for Sanity -- Jubilee has some questions about her future. Can Remy help her?
Veteran's Day -- Xavier's feeling forgotten.
Thanksgiving -- Warning: Character deaths (2)! But if you want to read the rest of the series, you're gonna just have to deal with it.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas WIP -- Logan and Scott are summoned to rescue a drunk and drugged out Gambit from a club. Will they follow the Arclight or pretend they didn't see her?

Continuity Break - These are stories that the series hasn't caught up to yet
NEW 9/13/06Paper Hearts WIP
NEW 9/13/06The StrawWIP
NEW 9/13/06Just Skippy WIP -- set about six to nine months after Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas, contains spoilers for the series.
NEW 9/13/06I'll Be Home for Xmas WIP
NEW 9/13/06Candy Hearts WIP
NEW 9/13/06Half to Whole WIP
NEW 9/13/06All I Want for XmasWIP